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Twilight Walker Librarian Magician Collector

NPCs (Non-Player Characters) added by The Split Mod total to 7 town NPCs and 2 non-town NPCs (wandering or travelling NPCs). They sell various items, such as weapons, accessories, or vanity items.

Unique behavior:[]

  • Collector.png Collector allows exchange for unique items
  • Vulcan.png Vulcan allows reforge for armor sets

Town NPCs[]


NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Shutterbug Shutterbug King Slime is defeated. Gives the player access to photography. ? ?
Collector Collector Spirit is defeated. Sells weapons and accessories, allows exchange for certain items None Star Wrath projectiles
Librarian Librarian One-Shot is defeated. Sells various books and scrolls related items. Reading Glasses 100% Sword
Astrologist Astrologist Menace is defeated. Sells various items. ? Menacing Stars


NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Commando Commando Defeated themself. Sells various items ? Green Orbs
Magician Magician Mirage is defeated. Sells various magic items. ? Stars
Pilgrim Pilgrim Insurgent is defeated. ? ? ?

Other NPCs[]

NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Twilight Walker Twilight Walker Randomly in Underground Corruption or Crimson. Sells various items. None Demon Scythe
Vulcan Vulcan Randomly in Underworld Domain after Paraffin is defeated. Reforges the Modifier for an Armor set. ? ?